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30th Tank Division (March 1941 – July 1941)
Active March 1941–July 1941
Country Soviet Union
Branch Red Army, Soviet Army
Type Armoured
Size Division

The 30th Tank Division (Military Unit Number 9465) was a Division sized unit of the Red Army that existed from March 1941–July 1941.

Formed in March 1941 and stationed in western Belarus (Pruzhany), the division was destroyed in the Battle of Białystok–Minsk in June of the same year.[1]

History of division formation

A destroyed T-26 of the type used by the division

German advances. June 1941

The division began forming in February–March 1941 in the Western special military district as part of the 14th mechanized corps at the base of the 32nd tank brigade in the southern military town on the outskirts of Brest.

The corps was equipped with 235 tanks,[1] most of which were the obsolete T-26.[2] The corps had half of its authorized 375 tanks.[3]


The 30th Tank Division's 61st Tank Regiment concentrated west of Pruzhany by 0900. The division formed two columns, reinforced by artillery.

Attacking on the morning of 23 June, the 200 T-26s of the 22nd and 30th destroyed numerous German tanks but suffered heavier losses.[4]

The German forces continued their attack, inflicting heavy losses on the 22nd Tank Division and killing Puganov.


The division was formed in March 1941 and had the following structure:[5]

    • 60th Tank Regiment
    • 61st Tank Regiment
    • 30th Motorized Rifle Regiment
    • 30th Motorized Howitzer Regiment
    • 30th Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 30th Motorized Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion
    • 30th Motorized Pontoon Battalion



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