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The 2nd Rifle Corps of the Red Army was formed in September 1922 as the 2nd Army Corps. In March 1923 it was renamed the 2nd Rifle Corps. Was part of the Moscow Military District: Moscow (June 1922 - 1936), Belarussian Military District (1936 - July 1938), Kalinin Military District: Kalinin (July 1938 - July 1940), Baltic Military District: Libau, Karian-Ost, Dvinsk (July 1940 - 1941). On 22 June 1941 under HQ Western Special MD, comprised the 100th and 161st Rifle Divisions under General Major Arkady Ermakov ru:Ермаков, Аркадий Николаевич). Part of the 'operational army' from June 22, 1941 to August 20, 1941. Location Bielsk Podlaski, Western Special Military District on 30.05.1941. As part of 13th Army Western Front participated in the Battle of Bialystok-Minsk near the Minsk and Slutsky Fortified Regions.[1] in late June - early July, 1941.[2]

Reformed and fought against Japan in 1945. 103rd Rifle Division was part of the corps in January 1945.

In 1955 the corps was reformed through 87th Rifle Corps being redesignated. It was stationed in Sakhalin, and in 1957 disbanded by being given the status of as army. It is composed by this time were 79th, 41st, and 56th Motor Rifle Divisions, formerly the 79th, 258th, and 342nd Rifle Divisions.[3]


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