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The 2nd Military District of the Vietnam People's Army, is directly under the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam, tasked to organize, build, manage and commander armed forces defending the North West of Vietnam. The north-West region of Vietnam, borders with the Yunnan of China. In 1979, Chinese army with 3 infantry corps, 10 infantry divisions, launched a huge invasion in this military zone, and occupied Lào Cai Province and Phong Thổ.

  • Command Headquarters: Việt Trì city in Phú Thọ Province
  • Commander: Major General Dương Đức Hòa
  • Political Commissar: Major General Nguyễn Ngọc Liên (2009)
  • Deputy Commander cum Chief of Staff Commander: Major General Đặng Văn Luyến


× Headquarters of Staff

  • Logistics Department
  • Technic Department
  • Department of Politics


  • Military Command of Sơn La Province.
  • Military Command of Lai Châu Province.
  • Military Command of Lào Cai Province.
  • Military Command of Điện Biên Province
  • Military Command of Yên Bái Province
  • Military Command of Hà Giang Province
  • Military Command of Tuyên Quang Province
  • Military Command of Phú Thọ Province
  • Military Command of Vĩnh Phúc Province
  • Military School of Military Zone (in Vĩnh Yên City of Vĩnh Phúc Province)
  • 316th Infantry Division (located in Chí Đám, Đoan Hùng county, Phú Thọ province)
  • 355th Infantry Division (in Yên Bái Province)
  • 82nd Infantry Regiment (in Điện Biên Province)
  • 406th Tank Regiment (in Hạ Hòa county of Phú Thọ Province)
  • 604th Information Regiment (in Việt Trì city of Phú Thọ Province)
  • 297th Anti-Aircraft Brigade (in Việt Trì city of Phú Thọ Province)
  • 543rd Combat Engineering Brigade (in Thanh Thủy county of Phú Thọ Province)
  • 313rd Defence Economics Division
  • 314th Defence Economics Division
  • 326th Defence Economics Division (in Sốp Cộp of Sơn La Province)
  • 345th Defence Economics Division
  • 379th Defence Economics Division (in Điện Biên Province)

Successive Commander and Leadership


  • Major General (1974), Lieutenant General (1980), Colonel General (1984) Vũ Lập (1978-1987):
  • Lieutenant General Ma Thanh Toàn (-2007)
  • Lieutenant General Đỗ Bá Tỵ (2007-2010)
  • Major General Dương Đức Hòa (2010-)

Political Commissioner

  • Major General (1974), Lieutenant General (1980), Vũ Lập (1978-1981)
  • Lieutenant General Trần Thụ (Deputy Commander of political)
  • Lieutenant General Lê Minh Cược
  • Major General Nguyễn Ngọc Liên

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