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5th Cavalry Division (1952–57,1964-69)
34th Garrison Division (1969)
2nd Garrison Division of Beijing Military Region (1969-85)
2nd Garrison Brigade of Beijing Military Region (1985-92)
Active 1952.5 - 1957.7, 1964.10 - 1992.5
Country People's Republic of China
Branch People's Liberation Army
Type Division
Role Cavalry, Garrison
Garrison/HQ Baotou

5th Cavalry Division(Chinese: 骑兵第5师) of the National Defense Force was formed in May 1952 from 5 cavalry divisions in Inner Mongolia.

As its formation the division was composed of 3 regiments:

  • 13th Cavalry Regiment;
  • 14th Cavalry Regiment;
  • 15th Cavalry Regiment.

The division took part in the 1953 National Day's military parade in Beijing.

In July 1957 the division was inactivated, and all regiments were returned to military sub-districts control.

In October 1964 the division was reactivated. All three former cavalry regiments returned to the division.

In 1969 the division was converted to a garrison unit and renamed as 34th Garrison Division(Chinese: 守备第34师). Soon after the division was further renamed as 2nd Garrison Division of Beijing Military Region(Chinese: 北京军区守备第2师) in December. All cavalry regiments were converted to garrison regiments:

  • 5th Garrison Regiment (former 13th Cavalry);
  • 6th Garrison Regiment (former 14th Cavalry);
  • 7th Garrison Regiment (former 15th Cavalry).

In 1976 Artillery Regiment of the division was activated.

In 1981 8th Garrison Regiment was activated. By then the division was composed of 4 garrison regiments, an artillery regiment, a tank battalion and an antiaircraft artillery battalion.

In December 1985 the division was reduced and renamed as 2nd Garrison Brigade of Beijing Military Region(Chinese: 北京军区守备第2旅), which consisted of 4 garrison battalions and an artillery battalion.

In May 1992 the brigade was disbanded.


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