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The 2nd Frigate Squadron was an administrative unit of the Royal Navy.

Operational history

During its existence, the squadron included Black Swan-class, Type 15, Type 16, Leander-class and Type 22 frigates. The Squadron was based at HMNB Devonport.

In its last configuration, the squadron comprised the Type 22 frigates Cornwall (Captain F), Cumberland, Campbeltown and Chatham. The squadron was disbanded in March 2002 under the Royal Navy's "Fleet First" reorganization.

Squadron commander


Name Ship Dates
Captain William G. Crawford HMS Pelican November 1947-September 1949
Captain Christopher D. Bonham-Carter HMS Pelican September 1949 – 1951
Captain Alwyn D. Lenox-Conyngham HMS Mermaid September 1952-January 1954
Captain Alexander H.C. Gordon Lennox HMS Mermaid January 1954 – 1955
Captain Edward L. Cook HMS Teazer December 1958-January 1960
Captain Edward W. Briggs HMS Teazer January 1960-August 1961
Captain Ian W. McLaughlan HMS Whirlwind August 1961-December 1962
Captain Raymond P. Dannreuther HMS Undaunted December 1962-November 1963
Captain Geoffrey C. Mitchell HMS Aurora November 1963-December 1965
Captain Bernard H. Notley HMS Aurora December 1965-June 1967
Captain A. Desmond Cassidi HMS Undaunted June 1967-December 1968
Captain Brian C.G. Hutchings HMS Undaunted December 1968-May 1970
Captain John B. Robathan HMS Undaunted May 1970-September 1971
Captain R. Michael Burgoyne HMS Undaunted September 1971-November 1973
Captain Linley E. Middleton HMS Undaunted/HMS Apollo November 1973-April 1975
Captain Richard A. Stephens HMS Apollo April 1975-January 1977
Captain George M.F. Vallings HMS Apollo January 1977-February 1978
Captain James W.F. Briggs HMS Apollo/HMS Diomede February 1978-October 1979
Captain Anthony J. Dunn HMS Diomede October 1979-May 1981
Captain Anthony M.G. Pearson HMS Broadsword May–October 1981
Captain William R. Canning HMS Broadsword October 1981-October 1982
Captain Robert McQueen HMS Broadsword October 1982-October 1983
Captain Anthony M. Norman HMS Broadsword October 1983-April 1985
Captain Geoffrey R.W. Biggs HMS Broadsword April 1985-May 1986
Captain Brian W. Turner HMS Broadsword May 1986-October 1987
Captain Colin H.D. Cooke-Priest HMS Brilliant December 1987-February 1989
Captain Richard F. Cobbold HMS Brilliant February 1989 – 1990
Captain Tobin D. Elliott HMS Brilliant 1990-1992
Captain James M. Burnell-Nugent HMS Brilliant 1992-1993
Captain Charles J. Freeman HMS Cornwall 1993-1994
Captain Geoffrey K. Billson HMS Cornwall 1994-1996
Captain Anthony K. Dymock HMS Cornwall 1996-1998
Captain James C. Rapp HMS Cornwall 1998-1999
Captain Timothy P. McClement HMS Cornwall 1999-2001
Captain Steven R. Kirby HMS Cornwall 2001-March 2002


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