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The 2nd Cavalry Division was a Division of the Red Army that existed during World War II.

2nd Cavalry Division
Active August 1941 - November 1941
Country  Soviet Union
Branch  Soviet Union Army
Type Cavalry
Role Cavalry Support and Attack
Size Division
Part of Separate Coastal Army
Lieutenant General Ivan Yefimovich Petrov


The 2nd Cavalry Division (2nd Formation) was a cavalry division of the Red Army that existed in 1941. The division was formed from the original 1st Odessa Cavalry Division in early 1941. It only had a short history as it was re-organized into the 2nd Rifle Division (3rd Formation) in late November of 1941.

Organization on Formation

Structure of the division in August 1941:[1]

  • Headquarters
  • 7th Cavalry Regiment
  • 16th Cavalry Regiment
  • 20th Cavalry Regiment (Led by Ilya A. Lukanov, 1899-1942)

Organization on Disbandment

Structure of the division in November 1941:[2]

  • Headquarters
  • 7th Cavalry Regiment
  • 15th Cavalry Regiment
  • 20th Cavalry Regiment
  • 9th Armoured Cavalry Squadron
  • Armoured Defense Group
  • 3rd Naval Infantry Regiment (attached)
  • 323rd Separate Anti-Aircraft Artillery Divizion (battalion)
  • Mortar Platoon
  • Machine-Gun Platoon
  • Separate Cavalry Squadron
  • Separate Communications Squadron
  • Separate Chemical Defense Squadron


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