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The 2nd Cavalry Army (Russian: Вторая конная армия) was a military formation of the Bolsheviks active during the Russian Civil War. It was created by the order of RVS (Revolutionary Military Council) of the Southwestern Front on 16 July 1920. It was allocated to the Southwestern Front, but from 21 September 1920 served on the Southern Front. The Army conducted combat operations in northern Tavria, on the Dnepr right-bank in Ukraine, and later against the White Poles. After failure of the 13–25 August 1920 attack on Warsaw it changed its commanders. It later participated in the 1920 Perekop-Chongar operation. Commanders

  • Gorodovikov O.I. (16 July - 6 September 1920)
  • Mironov F.K. (6 September - 6 December 1920).

On 6 December 1920 the Army was reorganised as the 2nd Cavalry Corps.

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