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The 2S9 Nona is a self-proppeled mortar made by the soviet union in 1979 and put in operation at 1981, the 2S9 Nona is basically a BTR-D chassis with a 2A60 Nona 120mm mortar cannon. The 2S9 Nona can shot HE, White Phosphorus and smoke rounds.[1]


A Russian 2S9 Nona marching over Moscow

One of the lead vehicle BTR-D is the self-propelled mortar known as 2S9 Nona.

He was thought to allow the fire to support highly mobile units of the Soviet Army. The 2S9 is amphibious and has a crew of four soldiers. Besides replacing the heavy mortars towed to the service in the Soviet Army, the incorporation of a mortar in a tower with drift 70 degrees led the Soviets to develop the technical capacity vehicle armored vehicle to shoot if necessary, conducting direct shot. To this was normally transported adequate ammunition.

A most modern variant is the Nona SVK, a BTR-80 APC armed with a 2A60 Nona, standard weapon in all 2S9 Nona variants.


  • Azerbaijan - 29
  • Belarus - 54
  • Kyrgyzstan - 12
  • Moldova - 9
  • Russia - 50[2]
  • Turkmenistan - 12
  • Ukraine - 64
  • Uzbekistan - 60

Former Operators

  • Afghanistan - status unknown
  • Soviet Union - Passed on to successor states.


General Characteristics

  • Crew: 4 soldiers
  • Length: 6.02m

    Two 2S9 Nona-SVK, note it's difference to a normal 2S9 Nona

  • Width: 2.63m
  • Height: 2.3m
  • Empty Weight: 6.500 kg
  • Loaded Weight: 8.700 kg


  • Traction System: Caterpillars
  • Engine: 5D20 Diesel
  • Power: 250 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 60 km/h
  • Maximum Fuel: 400L


  • 1x 2A60 Nona mortar cannon
  • 6x Smoke Grenade launchers

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