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290th Infantry Division
290th Infanterie Divison Logo 2.svg
Country  Nazi Germany
Allegiance Wehrmacht
Branch Heer
Type Division
Role Infantry
Engagements World War II
Generalleutnant Theodor Freiherr von Wrede

The 290th Infantry Division was a German infantry division in World War II. It was formed in Munster Training Area and surrendered to Soviet forces in Courland.


Offensive of the Red Army south of Lake Ilmen 7 January–21 February 1942.

In the winter of 1941 the division was trapped in the Demyansk Pocket along with the 12th, 30th, 32nd and 123rd infantry divisions, and the SS-Division Totenkopf, as well as RAD, Police, Todt organization and other auxiliary units, for a total of about 90,000 German troops and around 10,000 auxiliaries. Their commander was General der Infanterie Walter Graf von Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt, commander of the II. Armeekorps (2nd Army Corps).

Commanding officers

  • Generalleutnant Max Dennerlein, February–8 June 1940
  • Generalleutnant Theodor Freiherr von Wrede, 8 June–19 September 1940
  • General der Infanterie Helge Auleb, 19 September–14 October 1940
  • Generalleutnant Theodor Freiherr von Wrede, 14 October 1940 – 1 May 1942
  • Generalleutnant Conrad-Oskar Heinrichs, 1 May 1942 – 1 February 1944
  • Generalmajor Gerhard Henke, 1 February–June 1944
  • Generalmajor Rudolf Goltzsch, June–18 August 1944)
  • Generalmajor Hans-Joachim Baurmeister, 18 August 1944 – 25 April 1945
  • Generalmajor Carl Henke, 25–27 April 1945
  • Generalleutnant Alfred Hemmann, 27 April – 8 May 1945


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