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28th Rifle Division
Active Civil War onwards
Country  USSR
Branch Red Army
Type Rifle Division

The 28th Rifle Division was a rifle division in the Soviet Red Army during the Russian Civil War, World War II and the Cold War.

The history of the division dates from the 2nd Сводной Rifle Division, which took part in the Civil War, and was then renamed the 28th Rifle Division. In the 1930s the 28th Rifle Division was renamed the 28th Highland Mountain Division, which became on September 28, 1936, the 28th Highland Mountain Division 'named for S. Ordzhonikidze' and then on July 16, 1940, the 28th Red Banner Mountain Division named for S. Ordzhonikidze. (see ru:28-я горнострелковая дивизия) With the North Caucasus Military District in July 1941. Wiped out during Battle of Kiev, September 1941. Recreated at Archangelsk. With 3rd Shock Army, Kalinin Front, in November 1942.[1] Fought at Velikiye Luki, and at the Battle of Targul Frumos. With 22nd Army of the Reserve of the Supreme High Command (RVGK) in May 1945.



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