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275. Infanterie-Division
275th Infantry Division

German 275 Infantry Division

Active late 1943 - 22 November 1944, Mar 1945 - Apr 1945[1]
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Heer
Type Division
Role Infantry

World War II

  • France & Western Germany
  • Eastern Germany
10 Dec 1943 - 22 Nov 1944 Hans Schmidt
Ceremonial chief Hans Schmidt

275th Infantry Division
275th Volksgrenadier Division

The 275th Infantry Division (275. Infanterie-Division) was an infantry division of the Heer during World War II.

Divisional history

The 275th was formed in late 1943, in France, from remnants of the 223rd Infantry Division. It was commanded by Generalleutnant Hans Schmidt from 10 December 1943 until it was disbanded on 22 November 1944.[1]

Early in the Normandy landings, (June 6, 1944) two Infantry battalions, the Fusilier battalion, one artillery battalion and an engineer company were sent to the Normandy area. The rest of the division followed in mid July.

The 275th suffered heavy losses in the Falaise pocket and was transferred to Aachen for refitting. Here it was re-enforced with the Luftwaffe fortress battalions XII and XX. The 275th was transferred to the Düren - Hürtgenwald area were it suffered severe losses and was disbanded. The remnants forming the 344th Infantry Division.

The 275th Infantry Division was reformed in January 1945, near Flensburg, and was transferred to the Eastern front where it was destroyed in the Halbe pocket in 1945.

Order of battle

The following is the 275th order of battle in Mid-1944;

  • Grenadier Regiment 983
  • Grenadier Regiment 984
  • Grenadier Regiment 985
  • Supply Train / Signals Troops 275

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