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26th (Saarland) Airborne Brigade
Luftlandebrigade 26 "Saarland"
Formation sign of 26th (Saarland) Airborne Brigade
Formation sign
Active 1958
Country  Germany
Allegiance Bundeswehr
Branch Bundeswehr Logo Heer with lettering.svg German Army
Type Intervention force brigade
Size ~ 3500
Part of Division Spezielle Operationen (Bundeswehr).svg Special Operations Division
Headquarters Saarlouis
Nickname(s) Saarlandbrigade
Commander Brigadegeneral Eberhard Zorn

26th (Saarland) Airborne Brigade (German language: Luftlandebrigade 26 "Saarland") is a formation in the Special Operations Division of the German Army with a strength of about 3,500 men and its brigade headquarters in Saarlouis. The Brigade is also called the Saarland Brigade as almost all its troops are stationed in the federal state of Saarland. Other elements are based in Rhineland-Palatinate. Most of the 26th Airborne Brigade belongs to the intervention forces of the Bundeswehr, and the formation therefore provides the overwhelming proportion of paratroopers and airborne troops for the intervention forces of the Army. The Brigade motto is: Einsatzbereit – jederzeit – weltweit ("Ready for action - anytime - worldwide"). The Brigade greeting is "Glück ab".

The brigade was previously part of the 1st Airborne Division (Bundeswehr) alongside the 25th and 27th Luftlande Brigades.


The brigade commanders were (rank on takeover):

No. Name Takeover date Handover date
15 Oberst Eberhard Zorn 14 January 2010 ---
14 Oberst Volker Bescht 29 August 2005 14 January 2010
13 Oberst Hans-Werner Fritz 2003 29 August 2005
12 Oberst Manfred Schlenker (2000) (2002)
11 Oberst Henning Glawatz (1996) (1999)
10 Oberst Hans-Heinrich Dieter 1 April 1994 (1995)
9 Oberst Helmut Harff 1 April 1990 31 March 1994
8 Oberst Fritz Eckert 1 April 1983 31 March 1990
7 Oberst Herbert Hagenbruck April 1976 31 March 1983
6 Oberst Hans Kubis September 1973 March 1976
5 Oberst Helmut Liebeskind October 1970 September 1973
4 Oberst Heinrich Schwiethal October 1968 September 1970
3 Oberst Karl-Albert Keerl April 1967 October 1968
2 Oberst Hans-Werner Voss October 1963 April 1967
1 Oberst Erich Timm October 1958 September 1963

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