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266th Rifle Division
Active 1941-1945
Country  Soviet Union
Branch Red Army
Type Infantry

World War II


Order of the red Banner OBVERSE.jpgOrder of the Red Banner

Order of suvorov medal 2nd class.jpgOrder of Suvorov 2nd class
Battle honours Artemivsk-Berlin

The 266th Rifle Division was a rifle division of the Soviet Red Army during World War II. The 266th was formed three times during the war.[1]


The 266th Rifle Division was first established at Kaluga as a motor rifle division in July 1941. It was wiped out at Kiev in September 1941. The 467th Rifle Division started forming at Stalingrad in the North Caucasus Military District in December 1941.[citation needed] On 22 December the division was redesignated at the 266th Rifle Division.[2] The division was moved to Stalingrad. The division fought at the Second Battle of Kharkov in May 1942.[3] Afterwards, it was merged with the 417th Rifle Division in May 1942.

It was recreated at Kuibyshev in August 1942. It was composed of the 1000th, 1006th and 1008th Rifle Regiments as well as the 832nd Artillery Regiment.[4] It was part of the 14th Guards Rifle Corps.[5] The division fought at Stalingrad. It fought in Ukraine,[6] in the Lvov-Sandomierz and Iasi-Kishinev operations, and at Berlin.[7] It was with the 5th Shock Army's 26th Guards Rifle Corps, part of the 1st Belorussian Front in May 1945.[8]

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