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25 Engineer Group
25 (Close Support) Engineer Group
Headquarters Royal Engineers, 3rd (United Kingdom) Division
25 Eng Grp
25 Engineer Group Icon.jpg
Icon of the Group
Active 1948–1957
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Role Military Engineering
Size Group
Part of 3rd (United Kingdom) Division
Group Headquarters Picton Barracks, Bulford Garrison
Nickname(s) HQ RE, 3 (UK) Div

Headquarters, Royal Engineers 3rd (United Kingdom) Division is an engineering group of the British Army's Corps of Royal Engineers. The group was first formed to support Eastern Command but was disbanded following the 1957 Defence White Paper. In 2014 the group was re-constituted and subsequently activated under command of the 8th Engineer Brigade, but transferred to the direct control 3 (UK) Division in 2018.

First Formation (1948)

In 1948, following the re-constitution of the Territorial Army, the 25th Engineer Group was formed. This new groups's task was to control the engineer units formed within or assigned to Eastern Command's HQ.[1][2] After formation, the group had the following structure;[1][2][3]

Following the group's formation, the units based within it were tasked with the same tasks as their "semi-paired" regular engineer regiments. The 129th and 134th tasked with construction duties supporting the civilian populations and RAF, and the 122nd supporting the HQ of Eastern Command for deployment duties and training. In 1950, the 129th Construction Regiment was disbanded and not replaced. Finally in 1957, following the 1957 Defence White Paper, the group was disbanded.[1][2]

In 1957, following the disbandment of the former 25th Engineer Group of the TA, a new engineering group of the same number was formed within the army emergency reserve.[1] After formation, the group had the following structure;[1]

The group was finally disbanded in 1961, following the disbandment of the Army Emergency Reserve.[1]

Second Formation (2014)

In 2014, following the Army 2020 reforms, the group was reconstituted by re-designation of 3rd Division Engineer Group, and placed under control of the 8th Engineer Brigade. This new group controlled the five close support engineer regiments; 21, 22, 26, 32, and 35 regiments. In 2016, following the Army 2020 Refine, the group was reduced to four units; 21, 22, 26, and 32 engineer regiments. Also as part of the re-designation, the group was moved under direct control of the 3rd (UK) Division.[4][5]

Following this move, the group is officially known as Headquarters, Royal Engineers 3rd (United Kingdom) Division, but operationally still referred to as 25 (Close Support) Engineer Group.[5] After the Army 2020 Refine, the group now has the following structure (Volunteer units have RHQ shown);[6]

Following this refine, the group now has all of the close support and armoured engineers under its disposal to support HQ, 3rd (UK) Division. The group is also moved under the full tactical command of 3 (UK) Division, and no longer under 8 Engineer Brigade.[5]


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