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233rd Reserve Panzer Division
Active August 1943 - April 1945
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Heer
Type Division
Role Panzer
Nickname(s) Holstein
Engagements World War II
Kurt Cuno, Max Fremerey, Hellmut von der Chevallerie

The 233rd Reserve Panzer Division was a German panzer division during World War II which was mainly deployed in Denmark.

The 233rd Panzer Division was redesignated the 233rd Reserve Panzer Division on 8 August 1943 under the command of Kurt Cuno,and was posted to central Jutland in Denmark from 18 November. It remained in Denmark, headquartered at Horsens, where it trained panzer crews and motorised troops. It saw no combat apart from occasional Allied Bombing and Commando raids.

It became known as the Holstein Division after mergers with other Panzer divisions on 10 February 1945 and was then again renamed back to the 233rd Panzer Division as new Divisional headquarters were hastily set up in April 1945. Much of this unit was then assimilated into the new Clausewitz Panzer Division.

Order of Battle

  • 5. Reserve Panzer Regiment situated at Viborg
  • 3. Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion situated at Mariager, Hobro and Hadsund
  • 83. Reserve Panzergrenadier Regiment situated at Aarhus
  • 3. Reserve Panzergrenadier Regiment situated at Odder
  • 59. Reserve Artillery Battalion situated at Randers
  • 3. Reserve Panzerjäger Battalion
  • 208. Reserve Panzer Pioneer Battalion



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