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Highlander Cross
The Highlander Cross badge worn on the collars of the Podhale Rifles Regiment
Active 1919-1944
Country Poland
Branch Land forces
Type Mountain infantry
Role Mountain warfare
Size ca. 16,000
Garrison/HQ Sanok, Przemyśl, Sambor
Nickname(s) Podhalańczycy
Leopold Engel-Ragis

Soldiers of the Polish 2nd Podhale Rifles Regiment in full gala dress-suit, Sanok, 1936

The 22nd Mountain Infantry Division (Polish language: 22 Dywizja Piechoty Górskiej , 22 DPG) was a pre-war unit of the Polish Army. It was one of two mountain infantry divisions of Poland to take part in the Polish Defensive War of 1939. Currently its traditions are continued by the 21st Podhale Rifles Brigade. Until 1939 the unit was commanded by Col. Leopold Engel-Ragis and was stationed in and around the towns of Sanok, Przemyśl and Sambor. Along with 11th Infantry and 21st Mountain Infantry Divisions, the 22nd was notable for its distinctive uniforms, based on folk attire of the Górale (Polish highlanders) rather than standard uniforms of the Polish Army. During the Polish Defensive War, the division was attached to the Prusy Army. Overrun by the Germans, the Regiments fought separately in the ranks of other units.


Regiment Sub-unit Notes
22nd Mountain Infantry Division
2nd Podhale Rifles Regiment
2PSP odznaka.jpg Sanok
5th Podhale Rifles Regiment
5BSP.png Przemyśl
6th Podhale Rifles Regiment
Odznaka 6. Pulku Strzelcow Podhalanskich.svg Sambor
22nd Light Artillery Regiment
22nd Battalion of Heavy Artillery
22nd Battalion of Engineers
22nd Motorized AA Artillery Battery
4 x 40 mm wz.37 Bofors AA guns
squadron of organic cavalry
Smaller units Staff company, taczanka HMG company, signals company, bicycle company

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