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The 22nd Howitzer Artillery Division (22-й Мортирный Артиллерийский дивизион) was a howitzer artillery regiment of the Imperial Russian Army that participated in World War I.


In November 1910, the 22nd Howitzer Artillery Division was formed, and had the following structure:

  • 1st Battery - former 7th Battery from 37th Artillery Brigade
  • 2nd Battery - former 8th Battery from 37th Artillery Brigade

Upon formation, the regiment joined the 22nd Army Corps and moved to Pella House, in St Petersburg. By 1912, they received new "modern" uniforms and were assigned to the same corps as the corps artillery regiment.

Upon mobilisation for World War I, the regiment was assigned to the 6th Army, by August in 10th Army, in 1915 in 8th Army, in June 11th Army, and finally in November in 7th Army. In 1915 the regiment's 3rd battery was formed. By 1918, the regiment was disbanded as a result of the October Revolution.

The regiment's only known commander was Colonel Alexander Erastovich Ozarovsky.