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2nd Derajat Mountain Battery (Frontier Force)
Active 1849–1947
Country Indian Empire
Branch Army
Type Artillery
Part of Punjab Army (to 1895)
Punjab Command
Engagements Indian Rebellion of 1857
Second Afghan War
Chitral Expedition
Tirah Campaign
World War I
Third Afghan War
Mohmand and Bajaur Operations (1933)
Mohmand Campaign (1935)
Waziristan campaign 1936–1939
World War II

The 2nd Derajat Mountain Battery (Frontier Force) was an artillery battery in the British Indian Army. The battery was raised in 1851, from disbanded Sikh artillerymen following the Second Sikh War.

In 1857, one detachment saw service against mutineers in Oudh and Bundlekand in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. The Second Afghan War, saw the Derajat Mountain Battery with Lord Roberts throughout the war; from the Battle of Peiwar Kotal and the Siege of the Sherpur Cantonment and then on to that most famous march south to the Battle of Kandahar. After the war, in addition to numerous minor Frontier campaigns throughout the Century, the 2nd took part in the Chitral Expedition. When Major-General Low's was in charge of the relief of Chitral Fort in 1895, which was under siege after a local coup. Two years later it took part in the operations of the Tirah Campaign. To honour the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Indian they took part in the Rawalpindi Parade 1905. In the Great War, the 2nd in 1916 joined the Indian Expeditionary Force B in the campaign against the Germans in German East Africa, where it would remain until the Armistice. After the war, the Battery saw service during the Third Afghan War of 1919, the Mohmand and Bajaur Operations (1933), Mohmand Campaign (1935) and operations in Waziristan against the Fakir of Ipi from 1936. In World War II they were part of the force sent to the East African Campaign.


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