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21st Guards Airborne Division
Active 1948-1955
Country  Soviet Union
Branch Soviet airborne
Type Airborne
Size Division
Part of 15th Guards Airborne Corps
Garrison/HQ Valga

The 21st Guards Airborne Division was an airborne division of the Soviet airborne from 1948 to 1955.[1][2]


The division was activated on 1 October 1948 in Valga in the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic from the 346th Guards Airlanding Regiment. The division was part of the 15th Guards Airborne Corps. In 1949, the Separate Landing Security Company was disbanded. At some point the 104th Guards Airlanding regiment became an airborne regiment. On 15 November 1953, the division was reorganized. The Separate Communications Company became the Separate Guards Communications Battalion. On the same day, the Separate Medical & Sanitary company became a battalion while the Separate Guards Antitank Artillery Battalion and Separate Guards Reconnaissance Company were disbanded. On 25 April 1955, the division was disbanded. Its 97th Guards Airborne Regiment was transferred to the 104th Guards Airborne Division and its 104th Guards Airborne Regiment was transferred to the 76th Guards Air Assault Division.[1]


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