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213th Brigade (213 Bde) was a Home Defence and training formation of the British Army during World War I and World War II.

World War I

213 Bde was first organised in January 1917 as part of the 71st Division, a new a Home Service and training formation. The brigade had previously been known as the 6th Provisional Brigade.[1]


The composition of 213 Bde was as follows (not all infantry battalions served in the brigade at the same time).[1]

213 Bde was disbanded in March 1918.[1]

World War II

A new brigade was formed for service in the United Kingdom on 30 September 1940 by No 13 Infantry Training Group in II Corps. Initially under the name of 213th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) it was composed of newly raised battalions.[2]


The following units constituted 213 Bde during World War II:[2]


The following officers commanded 213 Bde during World War II:[2]

  • Col J.V.R. Jackson (acting until 21 October 1940)
  • Brig E.E.F. Baker (until 23 July 1942)
  • Brig E.H.L. White


Between 1 November and 23 December 1940, II Corps placed 213 Bde under the command of 18th Infantry Division, then moved it into the newly created Norfolk County Division. On 18 November 1941, the county division was redesignated 76th Infantry Division and simultaneously 213th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) formally became 213th Infantry Brigade.[2][3]

On 1 September 1944, 76th Division HQ was disbanded, and its brigades transferred to replace those in 47th (2nd London) Division, which were disbanding. 47th Division was recreated as 47th (Reserve) Infantry Division and 213 Bde was redesignated 140th Infantry Brigade, replacing the disbanded 140th (London) Infantry Brigade.[2][3][4]

213 Bde remained in the UK throughout its service.[2]


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