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The 20th Rifle Division was an infantry division of the Soviet Red Army, formed at least twice from 1919 to 1945.

First Formation

Formed as Penza Infantry Division, which was formed by order of the troops of the 1st Army of the Eastern Front No. 9 on July 6, 1918, to September 15, 1918 was known as the 1st Infantry Division Penza (order to Division N 45). By order of the Field Staff of the RVSR 1477 N / A on March 16, 1919, it was named the 20th Infantry Division. By a separate order of the troops of the Caucasian Army 789 N / s from October 13, 1921 the division was disbanded and turned into the headquarters staff of the 6th separate Caucasian Infantry Brigade, in turn renamed November 29, 1921 as the 3rd separate Caucasian Rifle Brigade, and June 26, 1922 - as the 3rd Infantry Division (orders troops to separate the Caucasus Army 1121 N / s, 934 / s).

By Transcaucasian Military District (ZakVO) Order No. 261/93 of 1 October 1931 the division was renamed the Caucasian mountain rifle, and May 21, 1936 - the 20th Caucasus Mountain Division.

It was awarded an Honorary Revolutionary Red Banner of the Central Executive Committee (1924), Order of the Red Banner. Was part of the 1st Army of the Eastern Front (July 1918 - October. 1919), 10th Army (Oct. 1919-Feb. 1920, March - April. 1920), under the operational control of the 1st Cavalry Army (Feb. - March 1920), 11th Army (May 1921 - OKA, from August. 1923 - CSA) (April 1920 - May 1935), in the Transcaucasian Military District (May 1935).

Second Formation

Formed during World War II. Fought at Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Krimskaya, and near Berlin.[1] With 28th Army (Soviet Union) of the 1st Ukrainian Front May 1945.

After the war, the 20th Rifle Division was reformed in 1955 from the 188th Rifle Division. It was disbanded in 1957 by being redesignated the 93rd Motor Rifle Division. (Feskov et al/Armies of the Bear) The 93rd Motor Rifle Division was disbanded in 1960 (Feskov et al 2004, 72); it should not be confused with the 93rd Guards Motor Rifle Division.


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