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2016 Iraq Gas Plant attack
Part of the Iraqi Civil War (2014–present)
Location Taji, Iraq
Date 15 May 2016
Attack type
Car bombing, suicide bombing, shooting
Deaths 14+ (9 attackers also killed, maybe more)
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Motive Terror

On 15 May 2016, a team of ISIL bombers assaulted a natural-gas plant north of Baghdad, killing at least 14 people, eight suicide bombers, injuring 27 troops and burning 20 workers.[1][2][3]


A government-run plant was attacked, with attacks starting at dawn, with a suicide car bomber hitting the facility's main gate in the town of Taji, about 20km north of Baghdad. After eight suicide bombings, clashes broke out with security forces, leaving 27 soldiers wounded. Around 20 workers of the plant were seriously burned. ISIL suspected, that the plant was being used by the Iraqi army.[4] Three of the facility's gas storages were set alight, before security forces were able to bring the situation under control. Firefighters managed to control and extinguish a fire, caused by the explosions, and technicians examined the damage. The power station provided, with the help of others, that had halted operations, 153 megawatts to the already overstretched national grid before the attack. Eight policemen were among the casualties of the attack.[2]


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