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2015 Monck's Corner mid-air collision
F-16, similar to the accident aircraft.
Accident summary
Date July 7, 2015 (2015-07-07)
Summary Mid-air collision
Site Moncks Corner, South Carolina, United States
First aircraft
Type General Dynamics F-16C Block 50 Fighting Falcon
Operator United States Air Force
Registration 96-0085
Flight origin Shaw AFB
Destination Joint Base Charleston
Crew 1
Survivors 1 (all)
Second aircraft

Cessna 150M, similar to the accident aircraft
Type Cessna 150M
Registration N3601V
Flight origin Berkeley County Airport
Destination Myrtle Beach International Airport
Passengers 1
Crew 1
Fatalities 2 (all)

The 2015 Moncks Corner mid-air collision occurred on July 7, 2015, when a General Dynamics F-16CJ Fighting Falcon collided with a Cessna 150M over Moncks Corner, South Carolina, United States. Both occupants of the Cessna were killed; the pilot of the F-16 ejected safely.


F-16 Fighting Falcon

The first aircraft was a United States Air Force General Dynamics F-16C Block 50 Fighting Falcon,[1] serial number 96-0085.[2] It was based at Shaw AFB,[3] and was operated by the 20th Fighter Wing.[4]

Cessna 150M

The second aircraft was a Cessna 150M,[5] registration N3601V.[6]


At about 11:00 AM on July 7, 2015, the F-16 and Cessna 150 collided over Moncks Corner, South Carolina, about 30 miles (48 km) north of Charleston.[3] Witnesses state that the Cessna was climbing when the F-16 hit it broadside.[7] The aircraft were at an altitude of 2,000 to 3,000 feet.[1] Air Traffic Control at Myrtle Beach International Airport had advised the pilot of the F-16 of the presence of the Cessna. The F-16 flew for a further three minutes before the pilot transmitted a mayday call. He then ejected safely.[8][9] Both aircraft crashed in Lewisfield Plantation.[3] Both occupants of the Cessna 150 were killed.[10] The body of the passenger has been located, but not that of the pilot/owner.[11][12] The pilot of the F-16 was on an instrument training mission. Its destination was Joint Base Charleston.[4] The Cessna was reported to be on a flight from Berkeley County Airport to Myrtle Beach.[7]


The National Transportation Safety Board has opened an investigation into the accident.[13] A preliminary report was published on July 18.[8] The Federal Aviation Administration has also opened an investigation.[7]

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