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The Moscow Victory Parade of 2008 was held on the Victory Day on the 63rd anniversary of the Great Patriotic War ending in the defeat of Nazi Germany. This was the first time the Russian Federation opened its vehicle showcase since 1991, and the airshow since the Cold War.

The parade was commanded by Army General Vladimir Bakin, Commander of the Moscow Military District, and reviewed by Anatoliy Serdyukov of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

A speech was made by the third president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

Forces at the Parade

Ground vehicles at the Parade

This was the first time in the history of post-Soviet Russia when armoured fighting vehicles took part in the Red Square parade.

In order of presentation:[1]

First Group

BMP-3 at the parade repetition.

Second Group

Topol at the parade repetition.

Aircraft at the Parade

Aircraft of the Russian Air Force performing a fly-over at the Victory Day parade in May 2008.

In order of presentation:[2]

Training for the parade took two months in Alabino, Moscow Oblast.


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