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Coordinates: 32°28′59″N 44°25′59″E / 32.483°N 44.433°E / 32.483; 44.433

2007 Al Hillah bombings
Location Al Hillah, Iraq
Date 6 March 2007
Target Shia pilgrims
Attack type
suicide bombings
Deaths 115
Non-fatal injuries
at least 250

The 2007 Al Hillah bombings killed 115 people, mostly Shia Muslims on a pilgrimage, on 6 March 2007 in Al Hillah, Iraq.

Two suicide bombers wearing explosive vests joined the huge crowds surging into the city for a traditional religious festival. The attack was just one of a few on a particularly bloody day for Iraq as almost 200 people were killed throughout the country.[1]


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