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1st Arkansas Cavalry (Union)
Active July 1862–August 1865
Disbanded August 1865
Country US flag 34 stars.svg United States
Allegiance Union
Branch Cavalry
Garrison/HQ Fayetteville, Arkansas

American Civil War

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1st Arkansas Union Cavalry (1862–1865) was a cavalry regiment from the state of Arkansas that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War.


Arkansas had seceded from the Union in April 1861 and joined the Confederate States of America, raising during the war a total of 48 infantry regiments, more than 30 cavalry regiments and another 25 cavalry battalions, and about 22 artillery batteries for the Confederate Army. Once Union forces had entered the state, however, pro-Union citizens (both black and white) volunteered to serve in 11 Union Army infantry regiments, 6 Union cavalry regiments, and 2 Union artillery batteries.

The 1st Arkansas Cavalry was formed in Springfield, Missouri in July 1862.


It almost immediately moved south to Arkansas to counter the Confederate guerrillas who were harassing Union sympathizers. After the Union victory at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Union forces briefly occupied parts of Northern Arkansas. When they moved their headquarters to Independence County, Arkansas, Union supporters were once again left exposed, causing many to move to Missouri.

The regiment first saw combat in the Battle of Prairie Grove, fought on December 7, 1862. They performed very poorly. A Confederate surge sent two regiments of Missouri Union cavalry fleeing through the 1st Arkansas Cavalry. Seeing hundreds of their comrades fleeing, the Arkansas men joined in the rout. Because of its embarrassing performance, the regiment was assigned to duty in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Confederate forces under Brigadier General William Lewis Cabell attacked the city on April 18, 1863. Both armies were composed entirely of Arkansas regiments. In three hours of fighting, the Confederates failed to break the Union lines and finally retreated. This victory boosted the 1st Arkansas's morale. For the remainder of the war they would serve on duty against guerrillas or as escort for wagon supply trains.

Mustered out of service

The regiment was mustered out of the army in August 1865. During their service, their casualties had been comparatively light. Out of its 1,765 men, 110 had been killed, and another 235 died from disease or accidents.

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