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1st Mountain Division
1. Gebirgsdivision (Bundeswehr).svg
1st Mountain Division insignia
Active 14 November 1956 – 30 September 2001
Country Federal Republic of Germany
Role Mountain warfare
Size Division
Part of German II Corps

The 1st Mountain Division (1. Gebirgsdivision) was a West German mountain infantry formation. It was part of the II Corps of the Bundeswehr.[2] In the wake of military restructuring brought about by the end of the Cold War, the 1st Mountain Division was disbanded in 2001.

The division was constituted in November 1956 as part of the II Corps of the Bundeswehr. As initially formed, it had two brigade-sized battle-groups, "A8" and "B8" (despite its numerical designation, the division was considered the eighth division of the Bundeswehr). In 1959, the battle-groups were retitled the 22nd and 23rd Mountain Brigades, and the division also took command over the 24th Panzer Brigade. In 1966, the 24th Panzer Brigade was transformed into the 24th Panzergrenadier Brigade. This structure remained stable until 1981, when the 24th Brigade once again became a Panzer brigade and the 22nd Mountain Brigade was transformed into a Panzergrenadier brigade, leaving only a third of the division's troops as mountain infantry. The 56th Local Defense Brigade was also subordinated to the division. Division headquarters was located at Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

In 1989, division equipment included Bo-105 helicopters, Leopard I tanks, Gepard SP anti-aircraft guns, Fliegerfaust 1 ManPADS, M110 203mm SP howitzers, M109G 155mm SP howitzers, LARS and MARS multiple rocket launch systems, Jaguar SP ATGMs, and Marder IFVs.

With the end of the Cold War, the 22nd Panzergrenadier Brigade was disbanded in 1992. This was followed by the inactivation of the 24th Panzer Brigade in 1994. The division was then merged with Military Readiness Command VI with the 23rd Mountain Brigade, 36th Panzer Brigade, and the 60th Engineer Training Brigade as subordinated components. On September 30, 2001, the 1st Mountain Division was disbanded.

After 1993, elements of the division saw international service in Somalia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia.


Nr. Name Start of command End of command
15 Brigadegeneral Kersten Lahl 2000 2001
14 Generalmajor Dieter Henninger 1998 2000
13 Generalmajor Rainer Jung 1995 1998
12 Generalmajor Franz Werner 1990 1995
11 Generalmajor Jürgen Schlüter 1986 1990
10 Generalmajor Horst Netzler 1983 1986
9 Generalmajor Eberhard Hackensellner 1980 1983
8 Generalmajor Michael Greipl 1975 1980
7 Generalmajor Ernst Metz 1972 1975
6 Generalmajor Rainer Schwartz 1971 1971
5 Generalmajor Joachim Horbach 1967 1971
4 Generalmajor Karl Wilhelm Thilo 1965 1967
3 Generalmajor Karl-Heinz Wirsing 1962 1965
2 Generalmajor Georg Gartmayr 1959 1962
1 Brigadegeneral Hans Buchner 1956 1959


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Coordinates: 48°12′00″N 11°35′41″E / 48.2°N 11.59472°E / 48.2; 11.59472

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