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Georgia Regiment
1st Georgia Regiment
Georgia Battalion
Active 1775–1780
Country United States United Colonies of America
Allegiance Continental Congress of the United States
Branch United States Army Continental Army
Type Line Infantry
Size Regiment
Part of Southern Department
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Charleston, South Carolina
Nickname(s) "First Georgia"
Lachlan McIntosh

The 1st Georgia Regiment, or as it was also known, the 1st Georgia was a regiment of the Continental Army, and formed part of the Georgia Line.


On 4 November 1775, the Georgia Regiment was authorised in the Continental Army, and organised from 20 January–28 April 1776 at Savannah, Georgia, consisting of eight companies (the 8th being a rifle company). On 27 February 1776 the regiment joined the Southern Department/Army. Redesignated 5 July 1776 as the 1st Georgia Regiment on formation of the 2nd Georgia and 3rd Georgia Regiments. Assigned 23 December 1777 to the Georgia Brigade, an element of the Southern Department.

In 1777 the regiment was still short of men, mostly in-part due to Georgia being sparsely populated, and the colonel reported that only 10 riflemen of the rifle company had been found, and needed additional soldiers soon. The regiment soon began to lose many of its men to desertion, disease, and combat, but elements of it served on until 1779 and 1780 when the last of the Georgia Line, six officers without men, were captured at Charleston, South Carolina.[1][2][3][4][5]

Captured 12 May 1780 at Charleston, South Carolina, by the British Army during the Siege of Charleston. Redesignated 1 January 1781 as the Georgia Regiment once again. Reorganised and redesignated 1 January 1783 as the Georgia Battalion, and consisted of three companies, along with two troops of cavalry. Furloughed in summer 1783 at Charleston, South Carolina, and disbanded 15 November 1783.[1][3][4][5]

There is very little information on the uniform of the regiment, but the norm seems to have been hunting shirts and gaiter trousers.[4]


Engagements which the regiment took part in were:[1][5]

Commanding Officers

Commanding officers of the regiment were:[2][3]


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