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1st Expeditionary Force
Birinci Kuvve-i Seferiye
Active November 1914[1] – 20 September 1915[2]
Country Ottoman Empire
Type Expeditionary Force
Patron Sultans of the Ottoman Empire
Engagements Caucasus Campaign (World War I)
Battle of Dilman
Second Battle of Tortum
Kaymakam Kâzım Karabekir Bey
Kaymakam Ali İhsân Bey

1st Expeditionary Force or First Expeditionary Force of the Ottoman Empire (Turkish: Birinci Kuvve-i Seferiye) was one of the expeditionary forces of the Ottoman Army.

Order of Battle

In December 1914, the 1st Expeditionary Force was structured as follows:[3]

  • 1st Expeditionary Force HQ (commander: Kaymakam Kâzım Karabekir Bey)
    • 7th Infantry Regiment (3rd Division, İzmit)
    • 9th Infantry Regiment (3rd Division, Adapazarı)
    • 44th Infantry Regiment (15th Division, Kayseri)
    • 3rd Battalion (Mountain Howitzer) (4th Artillery Regiment, Edirne)
    • 4th Artillery Regiment


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