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1st Army Corps
Active 1992–1996
Country Ukraine
Branch Ukrainian Ground Forces
Type Corps
Garrison/HQ Chernihiv, Chernihiv Oblast
Lieutenant General Viktor Kolotov

The 1st Army Corps was one of the first three army corps of the Ukrainian Ground Forces headquartered in Chernihiv, Ukraine. The Corps was established in 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union from a redesignation of the former Soviet 1st Guards Army and disbanded in 1996 during Ukrainan Ground Forces reorganization, being replaced Operational Command North (current name since 1998).


1st Army Corps structure in 1992

  • HQ 1st Army Corps
    • 123 ОРБр.png 123rd Missile Brigade (Konotop)
    • 108th Anti-Air Missile Brigade (Zolotonosha)
    • 71st Artillery Regiment (Fastiv)
    • 976th Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment (Fastiv)
    • 961 РеАП ЗСУ.png 961st Rocket Artillery Regiment (Fastiv)
    • 30st Independent Mixed Aviation Squadron (Honcharivske)
    • 30st Independent Linear Signal Regiment (Chernihiv)
    • 92st Independent Radiotechnics Battalion (Chernihiv)
    • 417st Independent Combat Engineer Battalion (Chernihiv)
    • 832nd Independent Surveillance and Reconnaissance Battalion (Chernihiv)
    • 102 БрМЗ.png 102nd Logistics Brigade (Chernihiv)
    • 6298th Material Maitenance Base (of 41st Guards Tank Division) (Cherkasy)
    • 4214th Material Maitenance Base (of 7th Guards Tank Division and 200th Motorised Rifle Division[1]) (Piryatin)
    • 5193th Material Maitenance Base (of 204th Motorised Rifle Division) (Uman)
    • 5001th Material Maitenance Base (of 47th Motorised Rifle Division[2] and 39th Guards Rifle Division) (Konotop)
    • 25 MD ZSU.png 25th Mechanized Division (Lubny)
    • 72-а механізована дивізія.png 72nd Mechanized Division (Bila Tserkva)
    • 314th Independent Protection and Service Battalion (Chernihiv)
    • 367th Information and Telecommunications Node (Chernihiv)
    • 307-й окремий батальйон радіоелектронної боротьби.png 307th Independent Electronic Warfare Battalion (Chernihiv)
    • 161st Independent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Reconnaissance Squadron (Honcharivske)
    • 48th Independent Chemical Defence Battalion (Honcharivske)
    • 147th Independent Repair and Restorage Battalion (Honcharivske)
    • 162nd Missile Brigade (Bila Tserkva)
    • Емблема 761-го окремого розвідувального артилерійського полку.jpg 761st Independent Reconnaissance Artillery Regiment (Kremenchuk)
    • 720th River Crossing Battalion (Okhtyrka)
    • 281th Cannon Artillery Brigade (Divychky, Kyiv Oblast)


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