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1st Army Corps
Active 1918 - 1920
Country Russia
Allegiance Russian Empire White movement
Branch Armed Forces of South Russia
Size Corps

Russian Civil War

Southern Front

The 1st Army Corps (Russian: 1-й армейский корпус) was one of the main formations of the Armed Forces of South Russia (Russian: Вооружённых Сил Юга России, ВСЮР; VSUR) during the Russian Civil War. Formed in November 1918, it was first established as part of a reorganization of the White movement's Volunteer Army.


On 16 April 1920, it was organized from the remnants of the Volunteer Army (known as the Volunteer Corps) in Crimea when Pyotr Wrangel reorganized the White forces in Crimea, known as the Russian Army, into numbered army corps. The Volunteer Corps had included all non-Cossack units evacuated from Novorossiysk by the end of March. The 1st Army Corps was commanded by Alexander Kutepov and included the Kornilov Division, the Drozdovsky Division, and the Markov Division, as well as the small Separate Cavalry Brigade (redesignated the 2nd Cavalry Division on 28 April), the 1st Separate Heavy Artillery Battalion, the 1st Separate Positional Artillery Battalion (formed from the headquarters of the Alekseyev Artillery Brigade), a separate sapper company, and the 5th Separate Telegraph Company.[1] Of the four army corps, it was the strongest.[2]

Troops of the 1st Army corps embarking aboard the transport Saratov during the evacuation of Crimea, November 1920

On 7 July, the 6th Infantry Division joined the corps, and the 2nd Cavalry Division was transferred to the Cavalry Corps. On 4 September, it became part of the new 1st Army when Wrangel split the Russian Army into two armies. Kutepov took command of the 1st Army, and Pyotr Pisaryev became corps commander. During its attacks in northern Tavrida, the corps lost 23% of its strength in three days.[1]

Known commanders

  • Lieutenant General Boris Kasanovich (15 November 1918 − 13 January 1919)
  • Lieutenant General Alexander Kutepov (13 January 1919 − August 1920)
  • Lieutenant General Pyotr Pisaryev (August 1920 − December 1920)
  • Lieutenant General Vladimir Vitkovsky (from 8 December 1920)



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