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T-34 tanks formed the main equipment of the brigade

Polish 1st Armoured Brigade of the defenders of Westerplatte (Polish language: 1 Brygada Pancerna im. Bohaterów Westerplatte ) or Polish 1st Warsaw Armoured Brigade (Polish: 1 Warszawska Brygada Pancerna) was a military unit in the Ludowe Wojsko Polskie. It was formed on August 19, 1943 from a regiment (pułk) of the same name.

The unit fought at the Battle of Lenino (September 1943) and at the Battle of Studzianki during the Lublin-Brest Offensive (Magnuszew bridegheads in August 1944).[1] From mid-August it was subordinate to the Polish First Army. Later the unit fought in the East Pomeranian Offensive.

In January 1945 it received another the honorary name, Warszawska (of Warsaw). In July and August 1945 fought against Polish anti-Communist guerilla.

In January 1946 it was downsized to regiment (becoming 1st Warsaw Tank Regiment), and from June it was stationed in the Modlin area.

Popular culture

The Polish TV series Czterej pancerni i pies (Four tank men and a dog) featured the adventures of a tank crew from this brigade.


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