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On the night of 17 March 1978, a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) unit and a Special Air Service (SAS) unit became engaged in a shoot-out in a field in Lisnamuck, near Maghera, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.[1] The leader of the IRA unit was Francis Hughes.

The shoot-out occurred on Saint Patrick's Day 1978. Lance Corporal David Jones and another soldier were in an OP near the Glenshane Pass. At around 21:15 the troops saw two IRA volunteers wearing military style camouflage clothing. One of the British troops apparently saw the word "Ireland" sewn on to one of the IRA volunteers clothing. Lance Corporal Jones stood up believing they might be a unit of the Ulster Defence Regiment and shouted at the men asking them what they were doing. The two IRA volunteers opened fire on the British troops. In the gun battle that ensued, Lance Corporal Jones was killed and another SAS man wounded, while Francis Hughes was badly injured and captured in a nearby field the next morning. The other IRA volunteer, believed to be Ian Milne, escaped.[2][3][4]

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