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1940–1945 Military Combatant's Medal
Médaille du Combattant Militaire de la Guerre 1940-1945 Belgique.jpg
1940–1945 Military Combatant's Medal (obverse)
Awarded by Flag of Belgium.svg Kingdom of Belgium
Type War medal
Eligibility Belgian citizens
Awarded for Combat duty during the Second World War
Status No longer awarded
Established 19 December 1967

Reverse of the medal

The 1940–1945 Military Combatant's Medal (French language: Médaille du Combattant Militaire de la Guerre 1940–1945, Dutch language: "Medaille van de Militaire Strijder 1940–1945" ) was a Belgian war medal established by royal decree on 19 December 1967 and awarded to all members of the Belgian Armed Forces who fought from England during the Second World War.[1]

Award description[]

The 1940–1945 Military Combatant's Medal was a 38mm wide bronze Greek cross with semi circular protrusions filling the gaps between the arms up to 3mm from the cross arms' ends. The obverse bore the relief image of a "lion rampant" at the center of the cross. The reverse bore a vertical broadsword bisecting the years "1940" and "1945" inscribed in relief.[1]

The medal was suspended by a ring through a suspension loop from a 36mm wide silk moiré ribbon. The colours of the ribbon were divided as follows from the left to the right edge: 6mm green, 2mm red, 3mm yellow, 2mm black, 1 cm yellow, 2mm black, 3mm yellow, 2mm red, 6mm green.[1]

Notable recipients (partial list)[]

The individuals listed below were awarded the 1940–1945 Military Combatant's Medal:[2]

  • Lieutenant General Roger Dewandre
  • Lieutenant General Ernest Engelen
  • Lieutenant General Sir Louis Teysen
  • Lieutenant General Constant Weyns
  • Police Lieutenant General August Van Wanzeele
  • Aviator Lieutenant General Armand Crekillie
  • Aviator Vice Admiral Sir André Schlim
  • Cavalry Major General Jules François Gaston Everaert

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