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1940-1945 Colonial War Effort Medal
Médaille de l'Effort de Guerre Colonial 1940-1945 Belgique.jpg
1940-1945 Colonial War Effort Medal (obverse)
Awarded by Flag of Belgium.svg Kingdom of Belgium
Type War medal
Eligibility Belgian citizens
Awarded for Service in Belgian colonies during World War II
Status No longer awarded
Established 30 January 1947

The 1940–1945 Colonial War Effort Medal (French language: Médaille de l'Effort de Guerre Colonial 1940-1945, Dutch language: Medaille voor de Koloniale Oorlogsinspanning 1940-1945 ) was a Belgian war service medal established by royal decree of the Regent on 30 January 1947 and awarded to government civil servants, magistrates, volunteer members of the female auxiliary service, missionaries, civilian agents of the different departments and civilians who served honourably for at least one year in the Belgian Congo or Ruanda-Urundi colonies of the Kingdom of Belgium in Africa between 10 May 1940 and 7 May 1945.[1]

Persons eligible for the award of both the 1940–1945 Colonial War Effort Medal and the 1940–1945 African War Medal could only receive one of the two, usually the one earned for the longest service.[1]

Award description

The 1940–1945 Colonial War Effort Medal was a 31mm wide by 52mm high bronze rectangular medal with sloping upper corners. Its obverse bore at its upper center an embossed five pointed star above the relief inscription on five rows "1940" "1945" "PRO PATRIA" "ET" "VICTORIA" between vertical laurel leaves. The smooth reverse was plain.[1]

Governor General Pierre Ryckmans, a recipient of the 1940-1945 Colonial War Effort Medal

The medal is suspended by a ring through a lateral suspension hole from a 37mm wide yellow silk moiré ribbon with 5mm wide light blue edge stripes.[1]

Notable recipients (partial list)

  • Léo Pétillon[2]
  • Governor General Pierre Ryckmans[2]

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