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18th Infantry Division
18th Infantry Division UK badge.jpg
18th Infantry Division badge
Active Second World War
Country United Kingdom
Branch Territorial Army
Type Infantry
Engagements France (1940)
Battle of Muar (53rd Infantry Brigade)
Singapore (1942)
Bernard Paget

The 18th Infantry Division was a Division of the British Army in the Second World War. It was a duplicate of the 54th (East Anglian) Division using mostly units with connections to East Anglia.


Among its brigades, the 53rd Brigade was converted (seemingly redesignated) from the British 163rd Infantry Brigade on September 18, 1939. The Brigade arrived at Singapore on January 13, 1942, before the rest of the division, and was attached to the Indian 11th Infantry Division and Westforce on mainland Malaya where it was involved in the retreat back to Singapore, fighting the Battle of Muar in company with Indian units.

The main part of the 18th Infantry Division landed at Singapore a few weeks before the fall of the island. After the violent week long Battle of Singapore, General Arthur Percival, commander of the Singapore garrison, surrendered to the Japanese on February 15, 1942. The division's soldiers went into Japanese POW camps. The division was not reformed.

General Officer Commanding

  • 30.09.1939 Maj-Gen.T.G. McArthur
  • 30.11.1939 Maj-Gen. Bernard Charles Tolver Paget
  • 20.04.1940 (Acting) Maj-Gen. E. H .W. Backhouse
  • 14.05.1940 Maj-Gen. Bernard Charles Tolver Paget
  • 27.05.1940 (Acting) Brig. G. E. W. Franklyn
  • 01.06.1940 Maj-Gen.T.R.Eastwood
  • 09.06.1940 Maj-Gen. L.H.K. Finch
  • 14-07-1940 Maj-Gen. Merton Beckwith-Smith (P.O.W 15.02.1942)

Order of battle

SS Empress of Asia beached and burning, 5 February 1942. The convoy comprised four vessels bringing the remainder of the 18th Division to Singapore, and was the last convoy to reach the island before it fell.

In January 1942 before the surrender in Singapore

18th Division H.Q.

  • 287th Field Company, Royal Engineers
  • 288th Field Coy, Royal Engineers
  • 560th Field Coy, Royal Engineers

53rd Infantry Brigade

Commander previous to Duke were Brig. M.D. Jephson and Brig. S. Collingwood.[1]

54th Infantry Brigade

55th Infantry Brigade

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  1. 53 Infantry Brigade at Orders of

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