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17th Sustainment Brigade
Active 2006 – Present
Country  Australia
Allegiance HM Queen Elizabeth II
Branch Army
Type Logistics
Size 2,650 (Active)
1,350 (Reserve)[1]
Part of Forces Command
Garrison/HQ Sydney, New South Wales

The 17th Sustainment Brigade (17 Sust Brigade) currently commands the Australian Army's deployable operational level logistics units. Raised on 20 May 2006, the brigade was formerly known as the Logistic Support Force (LSF), and is made up of varied logistic corps and trades. It encompasses both reserve and full-time units, geographically dispersed throughout Australia. Headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales its primary deployable command element is the Force Sustainment Group. The units of the brigade are responsible for providing third line or 'general' support within an area of operations.[2] The brigade was designated the 17th Combat Service Support Brigade until 1 August 2019, when it was renamed the 17th Sustainment Brigade.[3]

Current structure

The brigade consists of the following units and sub units:

On 2 October 2018 the 1st Military Police Battalion transitioned from 17th Brigade to the 6th Brigade so it is aligned with other theatre-level combat support capabilities that are already under the command of 6th Brigade.[4]


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