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179th Rifle Division
Active 1940-1948, 1950s?
Country Soviet Union
Allegiance Red Army
Branch Infantry
Size Division

The 179th Vitebsk Red Banner Rifle Division was an infantry division of the Soviet Union's Red Army during World War II.

Established at Vilnius on 17 August 1940 as part of the 29th Lithuanian Territorial Rifle Corps on the basis of the 1st Infantry Division of the Lithuanian Army. The headquarters was formed from the headquarters of the 1st Infantry Division and Staff of the Lithuanian Army, 215th Rifle Regiment of the 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Cavalry batteries, headquarters of the 1st Infantry Division and the headquarters of the Lithuanian Army, 234th Rifle Regiment from the 1st and 8th Infantry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Battery, and the 259th Rifle Regiment from the 2nd and 3rd infantry regiments and the 3rd Cavalry battery.

With 29th Rifle Corps of 11th Army on June 22, 1941. Fought at Kalinin, Gomel, and Vitebsk; with 4th Shock Army of the Kurland Group (Leningrad Front) May 1945.

Reduced to a brigade in 1948.

Converted briefly into 13th Rifle Division in the mid 1950s, before becoming 13th Motor Rifle Division and disbanding in 1958.

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