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15 Squadron
SAAF-15 Squadron-BK117-001.jpg
BK 117 in 15 Squadron service
Active 1939 to present
Country  South Africa
Branch Air Force Ensign of South Africa.svg South African Air Force
Role Light Transport
Garrison/HQ AFB Durban
Motto(s) "Aquila Petit Ardua" (The Eagle Seeks the Heights)
Equipment BK 117, Atlas Oryx
Squadron Identification Code ZP (1943)[1]
15 Squadron crest 100px

15 Squadron SAAF is a squadron of the South African Air Force. It is currently a transport/utility helicopter squadron.

The squadron was formed on 18 September 1939 as a SAAF Coastal Command squadron based at Cape Town.[2] During the war it flew Junkers Ju-86, and Martin Maryland aircraft.[3]

The Squadron flew Baltimore 5 Light Bombers in May 1945 as part of 253 Wing of the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force.[4] Other aircraft flown during and after the war included Bristol Blenheims, and Martin Baltimores. Notable Second World War members include Harry Schwarz, who in 1984 was made Honorary Colonel of the Squadron.

Post War

Aircraft flown after the war included the Aérospatiale Super Frelon and the Aérospatiale Puma. The current base is AFB Durban in Durban, with C Flight detached to AFS Port Elizabeth in Port Elizabeth.

The Silver Leopard Decoration was awarded to Flight Sergeant V. Selvan for conspicuous bravery during military operations. (15 Sqn, SAAF - 2004).

The current BK 117 aircraft were originally inherited from the Apartheid-era "homelands", the Ciskei having acquired 3 in 1983, Venda 2 in 1985, Transkei 2 in 1986 and Bophuthatswana 2 in 1987, making a total of 10 with an extra delivered from Brazil. Two of the aircraft have already been mothballed at AFB Bloemspruit. Four remain in service with 15 Squadron. Attrition: 02/11/99 Bk117 384 Rolled over after emergency landing. March 2003 BK117 383 Involved in an accident, later declared Cat 5 and cannibalised. 20/08/03 BK117 389 Written-off during Exercise Blue Angel.


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