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Aden cannon of Suleiman founded by Mohammed ibn Hamza in 1530-31 for an Ottoman invasion of India. Taken in the capture of Aden in 1839 by Cap. H.Smith of HMS Volage. Tower of London.

Capture of Aden
Part of the Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–1557)
Ottoman fleet Indian Ocean 16th century.jpg
Ottoman fleet in the Indian Ocean in the 16th century.
Date26 February 1548
LocationAden, Yemen

Decisive Ottoman victory

Ottomans capture Aden
Ottoman Navy1453-1789.svg Ottoman Empire Flag Portugal (1521).svg Portuguese Empire
Commanders and leaders
Piri Reis

The Capture of Aden of 1548 was accomplished when Ottomans under Piri Reis managed to take the harbour of Aden in Yemen from the Portuguese on 26 February 1548.[1]

Aden had already been captured by the Ottomans for Suleiman the Magnificent in 1538 by Hadim Suleiman Pasha, in order to provide an Ottoman base for raids against Portuguese possessions on the western coast of India.[2] Sailing on to India, the Ottomans failed against the Portuguese at the Siege of Diu in September 1538, but then returned to Aden where they fortified the city with 100 pieces of artillery.[2][3] From this base, Sulayman Pasha managed to take control of the whole country of Yemen, also taking Sa'na.[2] Aden arose against the Ottomans however and invited the Portuguese instead, so that the Portuguese were in control of the city until its capture by Piri Reis.

Piri Reis would continue with successes against the Portuguese with the Capture of Muscat (1552).


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