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14th Army Division
14. Arméfördelningen
Mellersta arméfördelningen vapen.svg
Coat of arms of the 14th Army Division
Active 1941-1997
Country Sweden
Branch  Sweden Army
Size Army Division
Part of Eastern Military Area (1941-1991)
Middle Military Area (1994-1997)
Headquarters Linköping, Östergötland (1966-1984)
Strängnäs, Södermanland (1984-1994)
Linköping, Östergötland (1994-1997)

The 14th Army Division (Swedish language: 14. Arméfördelningen ), also known as the Middle Army Division and briefly as the 7th Army Division, was a division of the Swedish army that existed from 1941 until 1997. The division headquarters where originally located in Linköping, Östergötland but where moved to Strängnäs, Södermanland in 1984 only to be moved back to Linköping in 1994.

Name and designation

Designation Name Translation From To
VI. förd VI. arméfördelningen VI Army Division 1941 1941
XIV. förd XIV. arméfördelningen XIV Army Division 1941 1966
14.förd 14. arméfördelningen 14th Army Division 1966 1994
14.förd Mellersta arméfördelningen Middle Army Division 1994 1997


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