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52nd Army Division (1965-69)
149th Army Division (1969-85)
149th Motorized Infantry Division (1985-2017)
149th Combined Arms Brigade (2017-)
Active 1965.5-
Country People's Republic of China
Branch People's Liberation Army
Type Brigade
Role Infantry
Part of 76th Army
Garrison/HQ Leshan, Sichuan
Engagements Sino-Indian War, Sino-Vietnamese War

52nd Army Division(Chinese: 陆军第52师) was activated in May 1965 from Tibet Unit 419.

The division was composed of:

  • 154th Infantry Regiment;
  • 155th Infantry Regiment;
  • 156th Infantry Regiment;
  • 309th Artillery Regiment.

In August 1969, the division swapped its designations and positions with 149th Army Division from the 50th Army Corps, and became 149th Army Division(Chinese: 陆军第149师)(2nd Formation). All its regiments were re-designated as 445th, 446th and 447th Infantry Regiments. Its 309th Artillery Regiment was renamed as Artillery Regiment, 149th Army Division.

The division then stationed in Leshan, Sichuan province and attached to 50th Army Corps.

From February to March 1979 the division took part in the Sino-Vietnamese War. During the war the division inflicted heavy losses to the confronting PAVN 316A Division, eliminating a total of 2338 Vietnamese combatants.

In 1985 the division was renamed as 149th Motorized Infantry Division(Chinese: 摩托化步兵第149师) as a southern motorized infantry division. The division attached to 13th Army following 50th Army Corps' disbandment.

By then the division was composed of:

  • 445th Infantry Regiment;
  • 446th Infantry Regiment;
  • 447th Infantry Regiment;
  • Artillery Regiment;
  • Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment (former AAA Regiment, 50th Army Corps).

In 1989 the division took part in the forced martial law in Lhasa.

In 1998 447th Infantry Regiment merged with Mechanized Infantry Regiment, 3rd Tank Division as Armored Division, 149th Motorized Infantry Division. Since then the division was composed of:

  • 445th Infantry Regiment;
  • 446th Infantry Regiment;
  • Armored Regiment;
  • Artillery Regiment;
  • Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

In April 2017 the division was split into two: the 149th Combined Arms Brigade (Chinese: 合成第149旅) and 150th Combined Arms Brigade.


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