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13th Armoured Regiment
Active 1984 – present
Country India India 1984-Present
Allegiance India
Branch Indian Army
Type Armour
Size Regiment
Nickname(s) Triskaideca, Nightstrikers
Motto(s) Veer Bhogya Vasundhara (The Brave shall inherit the Earth)

13th Armoured Regiment, is an armoured regiment which is part of the Armoured Corps of the Indian Army.[1] The regiment was initially raised with Sikhs, Rajputs and South Indian classes, but was later converted to an all-class regiment. The regiment was raised on 21 December 1984 by Lt Col Manoj Kolakkal at Ahmednagar with Vijayanta tanks but later equipped with T-72 tanks.[1] It first assignment however was on counter-insurgency duties in Jammu and Kashmir.[1]

The cap badge of the unit is a sunburst with crossed lances and pennons. The regimental motto is inscribed on a circlet within the sunburst. Initially, the entire badge was made of white metal. This was later changed with the sunburst being converted to brass with no change of white metal for the rest of the badge.[1]


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