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136th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade
Russian: 136-я отдельная гвардейская мотострелковая Уманско-Берлинская Краснознамённая, орденов Суворова, Кутузова и Богдана Хмельницкого бригада
136 OMSBr VSRF.png
136th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade shoulder sleeve insignia
Active 1993–present
Country  Russia
Branch Great emblem of the Russian Ground Forces.svg Ground Forces
Type Motorized Infantry
Size brigade
Part of 58th Army
Garrison/HQ Buynaksk, Dagestan
Equipment T-90A,[1] BMP-3,[2] BTR-82A,[3] GAZ Tigr,[1] 2S12 Sani,[3] 2S3 Akatsiya,[3] 9M133 Kornet,[4] 9K114 Shturm-S,[4] BM-21 Grad,[3] 9A34(35) Strela-10, 2S6M Tunguska, 9A331 Tor-M1, ZSU-23-4[3]
Engagements First Chechen War
War of Dagestan
Second Chechen War
War in Donbass
Decorations Order of the Red Banner Order of the Red Banner
Order of Suvorov 2nd Class Order of Suvorov
Order of Kutuzov 2nd Class Order of Kutuzov
Order of Khmelnitsky 2nd Class (USSR) Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky

The 136th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade is a mechanised infantry brigade of the Russian Ground Forces.

On December 1, 1993, the 136th Motor Rifle Brigade was established at Buynaksk, Dagestan. In 1996-97, the brigade was merged with the 204th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment "Uman-Berlin" as the 136th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade.[5] The 204th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment was transferred to the North Caucasus at some point during the transformation of the 94th Guards Motor Rifle Division, returning from the GSFG, to become the 74th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade in the Siberian Military District.


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