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133rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Inverness Volunteers)
Miniature of Archibald Campbell Fraser, 1795, SNPG.JPG
Miniature of Archibald Campbell Fraser, 1795, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Active 1794–1796
Country  Kingdom of Great Britain
Branch Kingdom of Great Britain British Army
Type Line Infantry
Role Home Defence and Training
Size Battalion
Part of Headquarters Scotland badge.jpg North Britain District
Regimental HQ Inverness, Scotland

The 133rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Inverness Volunteers) was a fencible, and later regular line infantry regiment of the British Army raised during the War of the First Coalition.

On 22 August 1794 the regiment was raised in Inverness, with much of its personnel coming from the local Highland Militia and Highland Fencibles. During its short history the regiment remained in the Highlands as a garrison unit and would never deploy outside of Scotland.[1][2]

In 1796 the regiment was disbanded with its personnel being drafted into other regiments.[1][2]

During the regiment's existence it was assigned to North Britain District headquartered in Edinburgh.[3]

The regiment's only commanding officer was appointed on 22 August 1794, Lieutenant General Archibald Campbell Fraser of Lovat[2] who was the original commanding officer of the 1st Inverness Militia. Till 1796 he also held the position of Colonel of the 6th West India Regiment.[1]


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