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12th Indian Infantry Division
Active 1943–1945, postwar
Country  British India
Branch  British Indian Army
Size Division
Engagements World War II

The 12th Indian Infantry Division is a division of the Indian Army. It was formed in January 1943, in Persia. It was renamed South Persia Area in January 1945. During the war it had 34th Indian Infantry Brigade, 39th Indian Infantry Brigade, and 60th Indian Infantry Brigade under command.[1]

The division was formed 3 November 1966 from forces in the Barmer sector of the border with Pakistan. In December 1971 the 12th was under Southern Command, with the 30th, 45th and 322nd Infantry Brigades. (Renaldi and Rikhye 2011, 43) Today the Arjun MBT is entering service with 140th Armoured Brigade, 12th Infantry Division in Jaisalmer.[2] The two Arjun units have been reported as the 43 Armoured Regiment and 75 Armoured Regiment.


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