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The 12th Indian Infantry Brigade (Secunderabad) was part of the Singapore Fortress garrison during World War II.


The 12th Indian Brigade was one of the regular units based in Malaya before the Japanese invasion in December 1941. During the Battle of Malaya which ended with the surrender of a British Army at Singapore in February 1942, the 12th Brigade performed better than most units. One of its units, 2nd Bn, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, was considered to be the best jungle fighters at the time and the Argylls' commander, Lt.Col. Ian Stewart, one of the better leaders during the campaign. The brigade were among the first troops to face the Japanese when they landed on 7 December 1941 (See Japanese Invasion of Malaya).

While the rest of the British and Indian forces were thrown in disarray by the rapid encircling and flanking attacks of the Japanese, the 12th Brigade under Brigadier Archie Paris, was able to inflict casualties and slow down the Japanese forces during the fighting in Northern Malaya.

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