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12th Infantry Brigade
Battle of the hindenburg line.jpg
Members of the 45th Battalion at the Battle of the Hindenburg Line
Active 1916–1919
Country  Australia
Branch Australian Army
Type Infantry
Size Brigade

World War I

World War II
Colonel P.C. Thompson
Brigadier E.L. Vowles
Brigadier R.E. Winning

The 12th Brigade was an infantry brigade of the Australian Army. It was initially raised in 1916 as part of the expansion of the First Australian Imperial Force, which was Australia's overseas volunteer force during World War I. Attached to the 4th Division and consisting of four infantry battalions—the 45th, 46th, 47th and 48th Battalions[1]—it served in the trenches of the Western Front from June 1916 onwards. In May 1918, the brigade was one of three that was selected to disband one of its battalions in order to provide reinforcements to other units in the Australian Corps and it was at this time that the 47th Battalion was disbanded.[2][3] Following the end of hostilities, the brigade was disbanded in early 1919.

In 1921, the decision was made to reorganise Australia's part-time military forces in order to replicate the numerical designations and structure of the AIF.[4] As a result, the 12th Brigade was re-raised at this time as a unit of the Citizens Force, which later adopted the title of "Militia" in 1929 when the compulsory training scheme was suspended.[5]

Upon the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, the brigade was stationed in Tasmania, where it served in a garrison role. The brigade was assigned to the 4th Division between April and June 1943, and then assigned to the 12th Division until October 1944.[6] During this time the brigade's establishment was reduced from four battalions to three, however, the brigade's establishment changed a number of times.

The following units were attached to the brigade at various times during the war: 22nd Light Horse, 40th Battalion, 12th/50th Battalion, 22nd Motor Regiment, 36th Battalion, 55th/53rd Battalion, 38th Battalion, 10th/48th Battalion, 12th/40th Battalion.[7]

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