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Active 5 October 1923 – 1945
Country Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Type Rifle (infantry) Division
Engagements Soviet-Japanese War, Soviet invasion of Manchuria

The 12th Rifle Division was a military formation of the Red Army which participated in combat operations during World War II. It was formed 5 October 1923 in Omsk (order the troops of the West Siberian MD № 563). On 18 February 1924, it was given the name of the Siberian Revolutionary Committee. It was part of the Western Siberian Military District from its formation until 1924. From 1924 until 1934 it was part of the Siberian Military District. It then joined the 18th Rifle Corps of the Special Far Eastern Army, with which it served from 1934 to 1938. In 1938 it was reassigned to the 2nd Red Banner Army. It took part in active fighting from 9 August 1945 to 5 September 1945.

At the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union, it was stationed in the Blagoveshchensk area, and did not participate in the fighting on the Eastern Front of World War II. On 9 August 1945 it participated in the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, crossing the River Amur and Ussuri, and capturing several cities in China, defeating Kwantung Army. Destroy large Maolantun sky site of resistance.

On 14 September 1945, it was given the honorific 'Amur,' and thus its full name became '12th Rifle Division behalf of Amur Siberian Revolutionary Committee.'

It became 12th Motor Rifle Division 1957, and was then moved to Mongolia.[1] In 1988 it was part of the 39th Army in Mongolia. It had its headquarters in Боганур/Boganur, the 365th Tank Regiment at Бурундур, and the 189th, 523rd (Ulan-Bator), and 592nd Motor Rifle Regiments. It then became a base for storage of weapons and equipment in the Transbaikal Military District in 1990.


  • 57th Rifle Regiment
  • 192nd Rifle Regiment
  • 214 Rifle Amur Order of the Red Zvezdy Regiment
  • 7th Artillery Hingan Regiment
  • 238-y Howitzer artillery Regiment
  • 486 single-propelled battalion
  • 96th separate anti-tank Division
  • 29th Reconnaissance
  • 34th separate Engineer Battalion
  • 80-th separate battalion
  • 616 th medico-sanitary battalion
  • Third separate company chemical protection
  • 8-I repair and replacement company
  • 301 of the Motor Transport Battalion
  • 54th (424-I) trucking company
  • 57th (13th), field bread opekarnya
  • 158th Divisional veterinarians' hospital
  • 128th Field Postal Station
  • 2nd (268th) Field ticket office of the State Bank


  • Andrey K. Smirnov - from February 1930
  • Fyodor Kuzmich Kuzmin -? until 1934 and
  • Colonel Alexander Maximov, c 7 October 1941 Major General - 26 March 1941 to 22 April 1942
  • Major General Ivan Makarenko - c 22 April 1942 to 26 May 1942
  • Major General Andrei Ilyich Kryuchkov - 26 May 1942 to 5 September 1945


  1. Source Feskov et al., 2004, inc p.64

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