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The 11th Rifle Division (11 RD) - was a military formation (Infantry Division) of the Red Army USSR. Its personnel were involved in the protection of the demarcation line in Pskov (March - May 1918 a), defensive battles against the Army of the Southern Front in Krasnov Novohopersk - Borisoglebsk (October - December 1918), against the army and the forces of bourgeois Estonia Bulaq Balakhovich in Marienburg (April 1919) in defense of Petrograd and as the offensive against Yudenich's troops in Pskov (August 1919) the Luga-Gdov, Yamburg, Narva, Dvina-Rezhitsk directions (October - December 1919 January - February 1920), the Polish-Soviet war of 1920 (in the July (4–23 July) and Warsaw (July 23 - August 25) operations (fighting in the area of the rivers Narew, Vistula)), in the suppression of the Kronstadt uprising (March 1921) participated in the Soviet-Finnish War (January - March 1940) and World War II.

On 22 June 1941 it was part of 11th Rifle Corps, 8th Army, Baltic Special Military District, which rapidly became Northwestern Front.

Armies of the Bear by Crofoot and Avanzini says that '[a]lthough it has not been confirmed yet, it is thought the division was disbanded in May 1946.'[1]

The division was briefly reformed in 1955 through re-designation of the 172nd Rifle Division. In 1957 it became the 87th Motor Rifle Division and in 1965 the 172nd Motor Rifle Division, ending the Cold War as part of 1st Guards Army.


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